It has been 8 years since i started my charity for the homeless, and over the years i have grown an interest for event planning, So i put together a themed charity gala. The sooner i reach my goal, the sooner i can book the vertigo venue and put on a great event. All proceeds will go to purchasing more fabric & tools to make more pillows and covers for the homeless to bundle up with. As an addition to that, i also plan to have my first food/ care bag drive, unlike any other food drive, we will giving out food to the homeless as well as a duffel bag filled with some things for each person. The bag will include a blanket, small pillow, water bottles, etc. I really hope  to be able to have a care drive every month to help out the homeless. My ultimate goal for my charity is to buy some property and turn it into a hotel for the homeless families. Moreover i have long term goals i would love to reach for my charity and hope you can help me reach them with your donations, anything helps, thank you in advance for reading and/or donating !

P.S. if you donate make sure you use a valid email so i can send you an invite to the charity gala when we reach our goal, I would also love honor all my donors at the event & look forward to meeting you !!!